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Let's admit it: our TBR lists are already filled to capacity, and yet there's always that little devil whispering in our ears that some other interesting book is just around the corner. And how could we resist that kind of temptation?


For me, this tendency has become worse since I switched from paper books to an e-reader: if, in the past, the thought of not having enough shelf space could curb my hoarding instincts, now I've lost any residual trace of self- control.


When I see a title that looks promising, and if the reviews seem to indicate that the story might appeal to my tastes, I go to an online bookstore, buy and download. No need to have a list with a certain number of books to make the Amazon delivery price worthwhile, no more waiting for the postal service to deliver my volumes to the door. Instant gratification. Technology is indeed both a wonder and a bane!


Right now I have 18 books stored in my e-reader's memory (a couple of them already read), and a folder on my computer with the other "prizes" waiting to be enjoyed - and regularly backed up on an external drive. I just wish that my free time could be as expandable as a computer's memory banks...