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October Daye short stories by Seanan McGuire

Two poignant additions to the October Daye series, or rather its background and past, that can be freely downloaded from author Seanan McGuire's site.


In both cases the short stories expand on the Selkie myths while showcasing two of the best characters from the series, respectively the Luidaeg (In Sea-Salt Tears) and Tybalt, King of Cats (Forbid the Sea).  And in both stories, those characters lose their loved ones to the sea, even though in different ways.

In these two stories I found a change in the usual tone employed with the Toby Daye novels: while the main series is a seamless blend of drama and wry humor, these shorts contain a not-so-subtle vein of melancholy, an underlying sense of heartbreak that cuts deep and stays with you for some time after the end of the tale.

As always, I am amazed at the depth and richness of Seanan McGuire's narrative, one of my best discoveries of the last two years, and the way in which her stories can always be different and totally engrossing, no matter the length or the subject.